Share Juice Pro Plugin has been created by Ashvini Kumar Saxena who also loves to write on business at his blog AKS-BLOG.COM I am also a technology enthusiast and this is my second plugin for WordPress ( the other one is Comment Juice plugin )

How was Share Juice Pro plugin idea conceived?

A very good friend of mine and a great blogger Carolyn Nicander Mohr , owner of  the blog WonderofTech and I were discussing about how to share blog post on social media. Her main concern was how to avoid spending time on searching for social media sharing buttons from tens of site and instead concentrate on actual business of writing.

She wanted a plugin which was easy to set up, flexible to use and “code hassle free”. Also that plugin needed to be updated with constant changes in the code and features provided by social media sites.

Thus Share Juice Pro plugin came into existence.

What are main features of  Share Juice Pro plugin ?

It is not only flexible to use but it provides a number of customizable options. It is very easy for example to use icons instead of social media buttons and use them to display sharing options to the end user.

You could just add a button with a short code or let plugin do it for you at standard locations. Do this without adding a single line of code.

The purpose of plugin is to provide user with

  1. Flexibility
  2. No coding need
  3. Customization right from the WordPress Dashboard

You can give it a try for 30 days and then decide if you want to continue using it. For any problem resolution,  you can always use support option after you register. It is nominally priced at $10 per site. Bulk site usage can be discussed by contacting me.

Right now , I work alone and try my best to answer your queries as soon as possible 🙂
If you have any query regarding the plugin use the contact page