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What’s new in Share Juice Pro 4.0 ?

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Share Juice Pro 4.0I have been working on Share Juice Pro 4.0 for quite sometimes now. My life was interrupted by a couple of consecutive operations because of which I was almost out of work for 3 months. Thankfully, I have been able to come out of bad times and finish the latest version of Share Juice Pro. In upcoming days, I will be adding more and more features to Share Juice Pro 4.0 series. Here are the new stuff for you to look out for

Open Graph Integration

It is really easy to add open graph tags to your home, post and page sections. You can now attach images, description, administrators to all of them. Any social network that uses these tags will automatically use these tags

On Admin Page –> Global



When you run your home page site on linter you will see this image     image

I deliberately used this example . Because the picture size was small for Facebook to display, it used an earlier cached image.


Image courtsey: Wikipedia

For each page or post


You can add Basic tags



Image Tags

image   image

If I share this on Facebook


Getting Rich pins in Pinterest


Since open graph is already supported … you can just go ahead and validate your URL here


Twitter Hash tags directly in the post



See these tags in the twitter share


Share to Amazon Kindle

Create a send to kindle button


Set up configurations


Add your kindle subscription id


See the kindle button in your share bar


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