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Share Juice Pro : Version 3.0 contains some cool stuff

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Have you ever wondered that you should be able to add an author box easily? After all it is a part of the social effort that makes your blog popular.

With a highly customizable Author box that comes with Share Juice 3.0 , you can

  • Get Author Box displayed in one of the possible ways : Simple, Accordion and Tabs.
  • Customize Author Bio inside the Author Box
  • Add social media URLs for user/guest poster/author
  • Add these social media URLs easily into author bio
  • Show/Hide author box only for authors you want to
  • You can even interchange the positions of Share juice boxes and author box

In addition to the Author box, a number of minor changes/bugs/corrections have been made on top of 2.0 based on user feedback.

Rather than read moreā€¦ I suggest you watch following playlist ( a bit long but worth it).

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