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Social Media Marketing – A simple guide

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What is Social Media Marketing? Before describing it, let us understand something about Social Media. Social Media is a way to interact with a company’s products and content. Social Media allows to create, exchange and share information & ideas over social media networks.

Social Media is such a broad word that it covers a large numbers of websites in it. Following is the niche that Social media sites typically fall into.

Social Networking – Social Networking is a network of friends and colleagues. Social Network is an online meeting place for people to create buzz, share content and interact with others. Adding friends, messaging or chat, sharing things (images, status, links etc.) are most common aspects of Social Networking sites. Most Popular Social Networking sites are – Facebook, Google Plus, Skype, Friendster, QQ etc.

Social Bookmarking – A new way to share links is known as Social Bookmarking. Social Bookmarking allows tagging websites and links, images. Unlike Social Networking it doesn’t save contents, it just help remember and share contents. In Social Bookmarking system user saves links of websites, web pages or images that they want to remember. Most used Social Bookmarking sites are Pinterest, Del.icio.us, and StumbleUpon etc.

Social News – It is something like social bookmarking but here the social news site feature stories posted by users that are ranked based on the popularity. Common sites are Digg and Reddit.

Social Photo and Video Sharing – Some sites just feature adding and sharing photos or videos. In these sites users upload their photos and visitors see and share them with their friends and colleagues. Examples of such Photo & Video Sharing sites are – Flickr, YouTube, and Vevo etc.

Social Media is a conversation powered by social networks, social bookmarking, social news and video sharing sites, between friends, customers, employees, investors. Social Media is a brand new way of understanding markets, not just making friends and messaging.

Social Media in Wikipedia:

“Social Media is an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos, and audio.”

Some Facts about Social Media (Verified):

  • 3 out of 4 Americans use social technology.
  • 2/3 of the Global Internet Population visit Social Networks.
  • Visiting Social Sites is now the 4th most popular online activity.
  • Time spent on social networks is growing at 3x the overall internet rate.

Now that social Media is pretty cleared up, next is “Social Media Marketing?”

The best way to define Social Media Marketing is to break it down into Social Media + Marketing. So Marketing about our content or product over Social Media is called Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing is a process of getting traffic for product & website via Social Media. For Example: Adding Social Sharing buttons in the end of your post, to allow user to share your content is a part of Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing can be a kind of online marketing that implements various social media networks to have marketing communication.

The simplest method of Social Media Marketing is to bookmark & share articles on Social Bookmarking and News sites like Digg, Pinterest. This type of Social Marketing is most simple and effective way of marketing to get traffic.

Social Media Marketing for Big & Small Business – Big businesses use Social Media Marketing more effectively than small businesses, because they have more. Big businesses have more followers, fans. Hence they have more comments, traffic, likes for their product.

But, this does not mean that small business can’t be successful. Social Network is a good platform for newbies to promote their business. But they have to take it seriously.

Here are some tips to make a better Social Media Marketing Strategy (not content strategy) –

  • Create an Environment of hard Work – Create a good environment for doing work, create schedule, and take your work seriously. Also don’t forget to enjoy your work.
  • Be up to date with new strategies – To build a good strategy you have to be up to date with present strategies, for that you can read daily news about it, you can subscribe good blogs which are related to social media news.
  • Make you social presence better – Just signing up for Facebook, Twitter, and G+ etc. is not enough. Invest your time to build number of followers and fans. Keep an eye on your insights & analytics.

But always remember, content is the king. If you don’t have good and original content, your effort won’t bear fruit. Always remember to keep an eye on competition, It can give you good ideas for your business.

Social Media Marketing with Social Networks & Bookmarking Sites – In the term of Social Media Marketing, Social Network is free tool to promote your product/website. Social Network is playing a big role in Social Media Marketing.

Here are some tips for using a few popular social tools.

  • Facebook – Facebook is now improving the marketing power. A Facebook Fan Page is a place where you can promote your product/business/website easily. You just have to invest your time, if you have money you can advertise on Facebook. Just sign up for ads, create ads, and get hits on your posts and websites. Use your own timeline to promote business. Add your business in your basic information. Add timeline covers with your brand name. Facebook is a network to connect you with friends, so be friendly, promote business and be happy.
  • Twitter – Twitter is a micro-blogging & a social network, which allows you to get followed by someone. You can also follow someone to subscribe his feed on your twitter timeline. Use Hashtags and single line statement to post tweets, sometime follower retweet such tweets with his/her followers. You can sign up for advertising on twitter. After sign up they will promote your profile as suggested profile, they will promote your profile when someone search the keywords related to you. Mix up your product reviews with your tweets that will help you to get hits on your product/website.
  • Google Plus – Google Plus allows you to build a social community for your business/website. You can share your links, images to get +1 on them. Take advantage of Google Plus Circle; try to get more friends and follower, because this will build your author rank. If your author rank is high, you will get more priority than other author.
  • Pinterest – Pinterest is a social bookmarking site, allows you to bookmark online. This is the latest way to share your business. Pinterest is image based platform. You can build a board on Pinterest and can pin your links on Pinterest (you must have at least one image attached with that link).
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a professional social network, where people interact with other’s profession, and find similar profession to start b2b. Recommendation on your business will show your reliability, so get more Recommendation on your business via visitors of your website.

Conclusion – In short, Social Media Marketing is an effective and easy way to get attention by visitors on your website/product/business. Social Media Marketing helps you to achieve great results at a low cost.

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