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Increase your social reach, help your blog readers share content easily and become social media star

Social media is one of the most important tool which can help you and your loyal readers spread content easily. Social media brings traffic and visibility to your blog.

Share Juice Pro is a WordPress plugin that helps you customize your social media space. Its flexible interface gives you complete control over how you present social media “call to actions” to your readers and followers.

Why is sharing important?

You can bring more visitors to your site by encouraging others to share your posts on social media.

Increase traffic

No matter how many followers you have on social media, your readers have more. Leverage their influence by helping them share your work.

Engage your readers

When readers spread your content, they also endorse it. Endorsement can be an important factor in your popularity.

Encourages readers to return

When their tweets about your content get re-tweeted, they will be encouraged to return to your site to find more quality content to share.

Increase Facebook Likes , +1s and tweets

Help your readers share posts on Facebook, Google, twitter and many other social media sites. Gain followers and get known.

Incentive to produce quality content

Stay motivated because people like your content and want to share it. Create still more awesome content and share it.

Get word of mouth advertising for free

Your site gets known to more people on the internet for free , when your content is shared

Social media is a great tool to help you reach your audience and beyond and Share Juice Plugin exactly helps you with that.

How can Share Juice Pro help you in sharing your content online?

Complete control over your social media sharing space

With Share Juice Pro you can

  • Create and configure top social media buttons
  • Put them at standard and/or custom location on your blog
  • Turn them on/off on pages, posts , archives and home page
  • Hide them in certain pages, posts
  • Set their order of display
  • Add Pinterest Button to top of  images with a few clicks

Position your buttons wherever you want

Create a social media button and choose the location of the button on your blog post. If you want to show them at custom location, you can easily use the short code.

You can also customize color of the floating box and give it a cool shadowy effect right from your WordPress admin panel.


Create buttons right from your WordPress panel

The buttons can be created right from the WordPress Admin Panel.

Just choose any of the buttons below, configure and save them. They will appear at the locations that you have selected. Its really as simple as that! No coding hassle at all.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • StumbleUpon
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Buffer
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook Share

Use Icons instead of social buttons

If you are interested in creating icons in place of social media buttons, no problem! You can create icons just as you would create a social media button. Add pictures of multiple sizes, connect them to social media sharing URL or give them your own URL.

You can also group icons by picture sizes, assign them a URL and display them using simple short code. You do not have to worry about HTML as the plugin will generate that for you. There is tremendous flexibility in the usage of icons.


Configure Social Media Buttons in a simple, intuitive manner

The configuration options have been set based on options provided by social media sites. Just read the documentation and set the values in Share Juice Pro plugin. All the code is generated for you. No need to worry about missing Javascript or HTML tags. Leave it for the geeks.


Advanced features

If you know how to code, Share Juice provides documentation for you to take the plugin to new levels of customization.

Include your button anywhere with a short code.


Add your own CSS if you want to format Share Juice Pro output to suit your needs.

Simple , easy to understand documentation

The documentation is available online to you when you log in to the site.

The documentation is simple , easy and full of explanatory instructions.

You will find working with Share Juice Pro a breeze with the documentation


Updates are free

Share Juice Pro users are entitled to free future updates ( read : Pricing and concise T& C )  and support by email

Share Juice Pro: Features summary

  • No coding knowledge necessary
  • Display group of icons on your blog
  • Configure your social media buttons based on your needs
  • Create Facebook Like widget without adding a line of code
  • Add call to action to tell your blog readers about sharing your content
  • Add Pinterest button to each image
  • Do all of the above right from your admin panel

What are customers saying?


Our blogs can’t function without plug-ins but it’s hard to find those that are upgraded regularly and have great support.  That’s why I’m so thrilled that Ashvini created Share Juice Pro because it has all the bells and whistles of a social sharing plug-in that I was wanting.  I get to choose the look of the button, where I want it placed on my blog, which order I want, which ones I want and I can even create my own buttons.  How cool is that!  We not only have the support of the developer himself but he’s continuously making new additions.  Share Juice Pro is my favorite social sharing plug-in.


Share Juice Pro is a powerful plugin that performs an important function: making it as easy as possible for your readers to share your content. Getting readers to share your content can help dramatically increase your traffic. No matter how much you try to spread the word about your content, no one can spread the word like your readers. When they share your content, they are endorsing your work.
Share Juice Pro makes sharing as easy as possible. The plugin is easy to use, yet allows sharing to the top social media sites, in addition to sharing via email and print. The Pinterest pinning function draws attention to your site’s images and allows for simple sharing.
The plugin also doesn’t delay loading time for your website. A powerful, yet light plugin.
Ashvini also provides prompt and professional support, inviting comments and suggestions for new features. He is dedicated to making Share Juice Pro your favorite plugin.

One of the most important plug-ins on any blog today is the social sharing plug-in. It helps us get more traffic via social networks, and it helps us gain a better ranking in the search engines, and it helps us with social proof. I have been testing many of the social sharing plug-ins, and Share Juice Pro is by far the best one. I can customize everything, and it’s really easy, anyone can do it. And, the support is fantastic, Ashvini is always looking for ways to improve the plug-in and if you have any question, you’ll get the answer really fast. I highly recommend Share Juice Pro.

About Plugin Author:
Ashvini Kumar Saxena :

  • Did his engineering from one of the top engineering colleges in India: Indian Institute of Technology, BHU
  • Over ten years of working with corporate giants such as IBM, SAP
  • Entrepreneur from last four years
  • Successfully running a thriving blog at
  • Read more about me and Share Juice Pro concept at About

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At this time, we are not accepting new customers and only supporting existing customers

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At this time, we are not accepting new customers and only supporting existing customers

At this time, we are not accepting new customers and only supporting existing customers